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Apostle Ngabo


Revival in Denmark

Posted the 22nd of August 2006 23:58pm, by Apostle Ngabo


For a three days fasting and praying that took place in Denmark on the 12th of April 2007, the Spirit of the Lord commanded Apostle Ngabo to pray and blow the shofar in Denmark. As he was praying, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to him and said; "after these three days of prayer, I am going to release my revival over Denmark".

And on the last day of our prayers, the Spirit of the Lord spoke again to Apostle Ngabo and said; "Now! My revival is released over Denmark". Violent prayers took place and the shofar was blown to break the generational curses and demonic governmental strongholds over the nation of Denmark. The prophetic utterance over Denmark from the Lord was that, God has heard the cry of the oppressed souls in Denmark. A nation that is controlled by the freemasons and the spirit of witchcraft, a nation that is drowning in the immoral act of pornography and homosexuality,


Yes! The Lord has heard the cry of the oppressed righteous saints in that nation.

And the Lord spoke to Apostle again and said; "I am going to permit things to get worse in Denmark (legalizing of evil laws by the government and practising of witchcraft and occult practices is going to be highly entertained), where people will be turning to yoga, acupuncture, Kung fu and taikwandoo training, evil meditations, consulting of mediums to predict their future, and this will mark the beginning of My revival over Denmark, because as wickedness increases".

This is also when the true righteous women and men of God are going to be revealed (people who will persevere in doing the right thing, putting their trust in God and willing to live and suffer for righteousness no matter what comes their way, people who are willing to follow God's prophetic counsel and guidance over their lives) and from these people, God is going to separate some and raise them up to be His leaders that will lead Denmark into His end time glory (revival).

Some are going to be raised up as God's prophets, some will be raised up as God's apostles, teachers, pastors etc. and the Lord said that the church in Denmark will raise up to be God's parliament house (a house or a group of people that makes righteous decisions over the nation) in Denmark, and the government will receive their wise counsel, glory!!

By: Apostle Ngabo

22nd of August 2006 23:58