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Neville Johnson/Steven Shelley

Shalom from Alabama!  
Jerusalem conference - Neville Johnson
In this update, I would like to share with you some of what Neville Johnson ( preached in his first message at the recent prophetic conference in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives.
He brought  very important insight and shared a powerful divine experience that he had just before he came to Israel.
The Enemy Wants To Bring Forward Armageddon
The Lord sent us here to Israel from Argentina in late 1972, just before the start of the Yom Kippur War.  The Lord said to me, “You are to pray to avoid a disaster here."  That was a terrible war that Israel went through.  And the purpose of that war was to totally annihilate Israel.  We left Israel after a few weeks, and the Lord has never allowed me to come back to Israel until this time.  He always stopped me from coming.
And the enemy is trying to repeat again what happened in the Yom Kippur War. We need to be aware of what he is up to.  God has brought us here to stop that from happening.  There is war looming on the horizon.  It will actually begin, but it will be stopped if we will pray, if we will understand what is going on.
We are coming up this year to a very important feast - the Feast of Tabernacles. And that feast is going to be a key timing for this nation.  We are here at this time to avert a disaster.  It is as serious as that.
The enemy is going to try to pre-empt Armageddon and bring it forward.  And there's a reason for that.
He knows that the church is going to reap a great harvest, and if he can shorten the time and bring Armageddon forward, the harvest will be lost.  That is part of his strategy.
We need to be aware of what is happening out there.  Our prayer times are very important.  We are here to save this nation.
At this point, Neville took much time to go through the history of how the enemy has tried to annihilate the Jewish people over the years, with special emphasis on the Yom Kippur War.  He then re-emphasized:
We are back at Square One again today.  Israel is under threat again.  There are major serious plans to annihilate the State of Israel.  And the enemy is going to try and precipitate Armageddon once again.  He is going to try and bring the time forward so the church will not have the time to reap the harvest.  That's why we must pray. The next attempt to annihilate Israel will be a catalyst to a 14-year countdown. You need to be aware that we are right in the end of time.  If the enemy can cut it short, then the harvest will be lost.  You need to understand this.
14 july 2008

I want to share an experience I had on the day that I left for Israel.  It happened on Saturday, the 31st of last month [May].  I got up early in the morning to pray.  I walked down to our living room to make a cup of tea first, and when I walked into the room, there was a ladder of light that went up through the ceiling.

And so I stopped dead in my tracks.  I wondered, "Where did  this ladder of light come from?"  Then I was aware of four men in the room, and I knew who these men were.  They were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Abraham and the stars
Abraham said, “My name means ‘father of a multitude.'  Will you covenant with us to take care of our people, Israel?
"The persecution that is coming upon the Jewish people will make the Nazi holocaust look like child's play.  Most of the Israelis scattered around the world will not be able to return to Israel."
And he looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Will you become their haven?  Will you prepare in your nations places to receive them and protect them?"
When he said this to me, suddenly the scene changed and I saw many places around the world.  I saw many people buying land.  People were building houses with false walls to create hidden rooms.  Because of the way they were built, you couldn't tell from the outside.  Then nations stood out.  One of them was Canada.  Another was New Zealand.  Another one was Australia.  There were many places in Scandinavia.  Some places were very remote.  Some were in cities and others were vast tracks of land.  Some were in the USA.

JosephAnother man spoke this to me: "Much was spoken in your day about my ministry. I am Joseph. My name means ‘one who will increase.' Many of you do not understand. It's not just about money and wealth. The name Pharaoh gave me meant 'savior of the age.' I increased and became the savior of my age."
Later I picked this up from Genesis 41:45 - And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnath-paaneah . . . And when I checked out the root meanings, it means "savior of the age."
He said, "My ministry involved feeding and saving the fledgling nation of Israel, providing food. It is three-fold. It is natural, it is spiritual and it is also financial." I could hardly restrain myself at this point.
He said, "God will provide wealth to build His Kingdom if we seek His Kingdom first. Then He will take care of us."
Then he looked at me with great penetrating eyes. He said, "A great famine is coming on the world. This will take many forms." He looked at me, pointed his finger and said, "Be prepared."
He went on to say, "I represent one of the most powerful rulers of my day, yet I became a god to Pharoah. I became the mouthpiece of the Most High God. My word became law. This is the true Joseph ministry. There are many false Joseph ministries out there. My mission was to save many people's lives. Tell the people they are to become saviors of their age."
Then he quoted a Scripture to me: (Oba 1:21) And saviors shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD's.
He looked so regal. He said, "We can only do so much for you. We can encourage you, but this is your day. You must prepare now. The true Joseph ministry must now arise."

Sarah laughedAnother voice spoke to me. He said, "I was a child of promise." I looked at this man and knew he was Isaac. He said, "My name means ‘laughter.' My mother laughed when she was told she would have a son in her old age."
And then he said this: "Many in the church will laugh when the teachings of God's sons will be proclaimed in fullness. But you must no longer hold back the truth."
I looked at this man and just paused for a while to take all this in.
He looked at me and said, "Many sons will come forth in your day to become saviors of your age. This has been reserved for your generation. These are forerunners of a new race on the earth who will come into the fullness and likeness of Jesus. For many of these sons, their work is to protect the nation of Israel."
Then he said this to me: "Remember . . .
(Mat 25:40) And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Another man spoke up. He said, "I had a destiny that involved the formation of the nation of Israel." This man was very tall, very regal and emitted a lot of light. He said, "My insecurities caused me much grief. My name means ‘supplanter.' But it has another meaning - that of a circle. My life went in circles until God took hold of me and changed me." That man was Jacob.
He said, "I encountered the Lord at Bethel. I was never the same again. Insecurities will cause you to go in circles and miss your calling and destiny. You must lay your life down completely for the Lord. It is better to die serving the Lord, than to die in calamities that are coming upon the earth. You can only achieve what you were called to do when you connect with God and when you walk under an open heaven."
Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord
He said, "Many years passed when I went through testings, but finally I came to Peniel where I wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. This intercession brought final death to self in my life. My natural strength was overcome with the strength of the Lord.
"My name was changed to Israel. It means ‘a prince with God,' but also has the meaning ‘to rule with God.' My name change reflected an inner change that had occurred within me.
"The time is short. You must take hold of your destinies and arise into your callings."

Finally, Abraham looked at me and said, "Please ask the people of God to help our people Israel." His voice portrayed an incredible sense of urgency. "We will be with you when you go to Israel."
Friends, I want to tell you tonight that this is a serious time. It is a time when we can't hold back the hand of God anymore.
I said, "But, Lord, sometimes we preach things that seemingly cause division." And the Lord said to me, almost angry, "I tell you, let the spiritually dead bury their dead, but you go on and build the Kingdom of God."
This is the time in which we are living now. We have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. This is why we need to pray for Israel. We are not here to hear good sermons. We are here to avoid a crisis. This is a serious time. It is not by chance that God brought me back to Israel at this time. And what He was saying is that there is going to be an attempt to repeat that Yom Kippur War again. We must pray.
God wants to bring a period of peace. He wants to bring stability to this nation for a season. And then there will be a season of stability in the world. Then the harvest will be reaped. And then after that things will get difficult again.
It's just like Joseph. There are going to be seven good years. I didn't say easy years; I said good years. And we must work while it is yet day for the night is coming when we will not be able to work. Time is short. You must rise into your destinies now. Decisions you make now will control your life for the next fourteen years. You must make right decisions.