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14 Aug 2014 00:01
Daniel Rodes


Daniel Rodes a Word to America


 Daniel Roads was given words from the Lord of soon cataclysmic events to hit American soil. America will be destroyed by a nuclear attack from Russia after an economic collapse possibly caused by a cataclysmic event involving earthquakes and tsunamis.

He was told Words from the Lord of the Future of America.
  • There will be Tsunamis capable of destroying major cites.
  • There will be an increase of major earthquakes. Get food water and pray. 
  • Major city's will be attacked by nuclear bombs.
  • Great famine will increase in the dry lands of America.
  • Food shortage will cause people to kill each other.
  • Floods will cause 35 ft wide 15 ft deep gouges in the earth.
  • Chaos and confusion will empower the governments of the earth.
The church is advancing in the wrong direction with a false Gospel restricting the Holy Spirit for a more traditional way in full coalition with the Devil and his army's. The Church will be restored to the 5 fold ministry with all its gifts for the future revival in America.

The Word of the Lord For America  
  • Missiles and nuclear warfare being used on American cities.
  • Our coastlines were surrounded by enemy nations.
  • Americans became slaves to the enemy and were used and abused at their will. 
  • The sovereignty of the United States turned over into the hand of enemies.
  • Our shorelines are monitored by destructive military equipment
  • Their property and everything they own will become the property of the new government.
  • Every person in the world will become the property of the New Age government.
  • Because they have rebelled against the Lord God of Heaven, they shall suffer severely.
  • Deadly, dangerous peace keeping forces were unmercifully beating and tormenting anyone who would resist their takeover. 
  • Many cities in America will be destroyed completely by fire and massive military artillery.
  • Biological and chemical weapons will be used on American soil against her people.
  • A yellowish, pale, gooey looking substance fill the air with a cloud completely blotting out the sun and multitudes of people will die. This may be nuclear fallout or a biological or chemical substance.
  • Persecution will come upon the American people. 
  • Some so-called Christians will be taken as slaves and put in work camps because we will not submit ourselves to the right ways of God.
  • Many Christian pastors will be killed and others will be threatened and greatly tortured.
  • Mothers crying as they were being tormented and watched their children die before their eyes.
  • So-called Christians will bring great attacks against the holy remnant. 
  • While the church will face severe persecution, the Glory of the Lord will appear and great revivals will take place .
  • This persecution will completely destroy denominational differences.
  • The Word of the Lord said, “I am coming for a church without spot and wrinkle."