It is only when you are aware of this that you can confidently expect that God WILL heal you. Without this knowledge, you may plead with Him to heal you, and you may hope that He will consent to do it. You may believe that He is ABLE to heal you. That is not enough. If He is able but not willing, that will do you no good. You may KNOW that He has healed others. That means little to you. But when you know that He is not only able but also willing to heal YOU, then you can pray with absolute assurance. Therefore, we shall find proof in the Scriptures that (1) God is ABLE to heal anyone whom He chooses to heal; (2) that it is His will to heal EVERYONE --including YOU! Then we shall show from the Scriptures why, under these circumstances, there are some who are not healed.

Among the questions answered in the course will be:

How can I know that it is God's will to heal me?
How can I overcome my doubts, and be sure of effective, unwavering faith?
Why do some apparently sincere, devout Christians remain sick, even after prayer?
Did the gift of healing cease when the apostles died?
Who has power to heal the sick today? Can I have that power?
Why did Job, called by the Bible a perfect man, have boils?
What was Paul's thorn in the flesh? Are some sick for the glory of God?
Is it possible for one whom God has healed to lose that healing? How is it possible to avoid this?
How can I have power in my own life to bring healing and deliverance to others?